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 Profile of Allen Holst, Son of Apollo

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Cabin counselor

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PostSubject: Profile of Allen Holst, Son of Apollo   Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:39 pm

General :

Name : Allen Holst
Nickname : Len
Date Birth : October 14 1998
Gender : Male
Zodiac : Libra
Place of Birth : California
Place Before Going to Camp : Manhattan, New York
Age when Arriving at Camp : 10

Physical Appearance :

Height : 154 cm
Weight : 47 Kg
Eye Color : Sky Blue
Hair Color : Straight Blond Hair, About Shoulder Long much like his sister but his hair is tied in a small ponytail
Clothing Style : He likes to wear casual clothes ( t-shirts, Sleeveless, long sleeve and others )
Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos : -
Skin color : White

Personality and Characteristics :

Personality and Characteristics: Len is a handsome boy and kind much like his sister, he's brave but people always mistaken him as a weak and helpless little boy. He's very good at protecting his friends and his sister. He loves to sing with his sister in free times.
Special Habits : He always play with his fingers if he is nervous
Strengths and Talents : Like his Sister, He also has a talent in music, he's much smarter then Rin ( Rilliane ) and has a talent in the bow and arrows. But his weapon is a sword.
Fears : He is afraid of the hell hounds
Hobbies : Singing, Playing instruments, playing, drawing and reading
Favorite Foods : Bananas
Least Favorite Foods : Broccoli
Favorite Place at Camp : The Apollo's Cabin

Family and Relationships :

Mortal Parent : Anne Holst
Immortal Parent : Apollo
Stepparents : -
Siblings : Rilliane Holst ( Twin Sister )
Boyfriend : -
Enemy : Evil Monsters
Best Friends : Michaela Clamentina, Elluka Electra, Kyle Cogan and His Sister

Battle :

Powers : As an Apollo's Son he can heal people by singing to them with ancient greek. he is also very talented with the bow and arrow. but prefers the sword.
Weapon : His weapon is a bronze sword, it is concealed as a marble.
Weakness : Same as Fears
Fatal Flaw : He is afraid of taking risk

Biography :
born October 14 1998, He is the the older twin by 3 minutes with Rilliane Holst. when He was 4, his mother move back to Canada and lived together with his aunt. when he was 8 he started too saw monster ( Furies, Minotaur and others ) he didn't tell his sister because he thought he was insane, but when his sister said tells him the same thing he saw he started to believe it. at the age of 10 they both tell their mother about it. Her mother tells them the truth about Their Father ( Apollo ) and tells them that they both has to go to a Camp for special people like them. on their journey to Camp Half Blood, they were attacked by a minotaur, To protect his sister he bravely took a pair of knife and slay the Minotaur

P.S : there are some characters that haven't been created yet, but i will make them later on Very Happy

Ichino201 Smile

- Rilliane Holst ( Rin ) - Daughter of Apollo
- Allen Holst ( Len ) - Son of Apollo
- Michaela Clamentina ( Miku ) - Daughter of Demeter
- Kyle Cogan ( Kaito/Kai/Kyle ) - Son of Poseidon
- Gumillia Sanders ( Gumi ) - Daughter of Hephaestus
- Julian Paxel - Son of Hermes

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Camp Counselor

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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Allen Holst, Son of Apollo   Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:16 pm


-Tyler Skye
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Profile of Allen Holst, Son of Apollo
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