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 Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo

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Female Pisces Posts : 86
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PostSubject: Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo   Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:29 pm

Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo


Name: Raymond Fields
Nickname: Ray
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 29th July, 1995
Horoscope: Leo
Place of birth: California
Place living before going to the camp: California
Age when arriving the camp: 7

Physical appearance


Height: 5 feet 8 inches tall
Weight: Light brown
Hair color and style: Messy short brown hair
Clothing style: T-shirts.
Birthmark/scars/tattoos (if any): Small scar on his right cheekbone, scratched by a monster
Other Description: None

Personality and characteristics:

Personality and characteristics: Raymond is an independent and cool guy who thinks a lot. He actually cares about his friends a lot. He is afraid that he may lose his friends and anyone or anything that he cares about. Unlike his siblings (children of Apollo), he’s neither talkative nor outgoing, but has the aura that makes others respect him. He’s very considerate, but he just doesn’t feel like expressing himself directly.
Special habits: He loves playing guitar and singing.
Strengths and talents: Raymond is good at music especially at playing guitar. He is also good at archery, and excels in planning.
Weaknesses: Raymond is not outgoing nor is good at expressing his feelings directly(He is good at voicing out his opinions about something and leading others, but he hates when someone asking him something personal). He sometimes cares too much about his friends more than himself (since he is afraid that he may lose any of them).
Fears: Losing his friends and someone that he loves.
Hobbies: Playing the guitar and archery.
Favorite food: Orange juice.
Least favorite food: None (He almost eats everything).
Favorite time of the day: Sunset.
Favorite place at camp: The beach.
Favorite activity at camp: Playing his guitar at the beach(Or archery practice, perhaps?)
Least favorite activity at camp: Canoeing.

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Clare Fields
God parent: Apollo
Stepparent: None
Siblings: None
Best friends (mortal/at camp): Alice Beauregard, Jackson Clark and Arianna Walters.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None, but he’s having a crush on Arianna.
Enemy: Jerry Black, son of Mars.
Others(if any): Raymond was sent to an orphanage when he was just born. He still doesn’t know the reasons or whether his mum is alive or not.


Powers: Raymond has the ability to affects the others’ emotions or conditions with use of music (works best with guitar or singing). For example, if he plays a lullaby, those who hear the music may fall asleep very easily. This usually lasts for 10 minutes at most. It also has side-effects during battle because he can’t control who his music will affect (which also includes his friends). He can direct this power to or not to a specific group or person, but he will faint easily if he does this too often (Maximum: 10 minutes per hour)
Weapons: His guitar(refer to the above), with a look that’s made of wood. But when Raymond play a G7 chord for 7 times continuously, it will turn into an Imperial Gold bow with arrows that will never be used up.
Fatal flaw: He is too afraid to lose anything.
Strengths: He is good at anything related to music. He is also an excellent archer.
Weaknesses: Swimming, sword-fighting.


Raymond was born in California, and was sent to an orphanage soon after that.
At the age of six, Raymond was sent to the Wolf House where he received training from Lupa, and went to Camp Jupiter a year after.

Raymond was accepted by the praetor, and was claimed by Apollo soon after his arrival at the camp. With his talents in music and his related powers, he was made part of the 1st Cohort. He later became friends with Alice Beauregard, Jackson Clarke and Arianna Walters. He is now still searching information about his mum, though there’s nothing found yet..
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Sabrina Zhu
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo   Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:28 am

approved Very Happy

Am I allowed to approve characters? I think I am, since one of your posts wrote that.
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo   Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:55 pm

Sabrina, of course you are Very Happy

Anna, approved also Smile
[actually, i think raymond is kinda cute Cool anna, don't tell him i said that Rolling Eyes )
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo   

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Profile of Raymond Fields, son of Apollo
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