Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter
Welcome to Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter!

It is a Percy-Jackson-series-and-Heroes-of-the-Olympians-based site where members can create their own characters, role-play, discuss on the books(or even the movies - try to keep calm and don't type any swear words), and take part in different kinds of site activities!
Just register, read the pm message and you will know what to do next!

Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter

Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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    Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:03 am
    Message by ChocoKat - SURVIVAL GUIDE
    Hello jacob.s.greene,

    Welcome to our Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter!
    If you suspect that your friends are also demigods, don't forget to invite them!
    You don't want them to get killed, right?
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