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 Lucas Chase

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PostSubject: Lucas Chase   Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:26 am


Name: Lucas Chase
Nickname: Luke, Luka, Lucky
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 21, 1996
Horoscope: Aries
Place of birth: Houston, Texas
Place living: Camp Jupiter

Physical appearance

Height: 6 feet tall, exactly
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye color: Bright Blue
Hair color and style: Black, buzz cut
Clothing style: Basic clothes, doesn't like going fancy
Birthmark/scars/tattoos (if any): S. P. Q. R. tattoo with the symbol of his mother Fortuna, the cornucopia, and 8 stripes
Physical Description: Tall, six feet exactly, muscular, handsome. Has tanned skin, looks like a Marine even though he isn't one. black hair, heart shaped face, almond shaped eyes, bright blue eyes, basic clothes
Others(if any):

Personality and characteristics

Personality: Has a winning personality, really nice to everybody, though can go mean and nasty when angered or offended
Special habits: Looks at any given event, and automatically knows the odds of somebody winning or losing, since his Mom's the luck goddess
Strengths and talents: Perfect grades, pretty much perfect everything, again, his Mom's the luck goddess, but she reminds him every day that good luck is no excuse to not study and work hard, which keeps Invidia from getting on his case, since he earns his good luck and isn't a slacker. Can speak, read, and write Latin perfectly
Weaknesses: Given the fact that he is pretty much a living good luck charm, his true weakness is overconfidence, since he more often than not belives he is a winning factor in anything, when a true winner is the team that works hard, plays by the rules, and the members of the team all work as one.
Fears: Spiders, he hates them as much as children of Minerva and Athena fear spiders, even though spiders don't hate him, and his next fear is failure, he hates losing to a fault, he can be quite the sore loser, depending on what the stakes of the game or competition are
Hobbies: Studying old battles, reading, studying, anything academic
Favorite food: Healthy food
Least favorite food: Junk Food
Favorite time of the day: Noon, he likes the Sun, he thinks best when it is sunny, and when the Sun is at its highest peak, he's in a good mood, no matter the circumstances
Favorite place at camp: Field of Mars
Favorite activity at camp: War Games
Least favorite activity at camp: Chores
Others(if any):

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Jared Chase
God parent: Fortuna
Stepparent: None, his Father never married
Siblings: None that he's noticed, though he knows that there are children of Fortuna/Tyche that are out there that haven't been found yet.
Best friend: Gets along pretty well with Riley Vance, since Riley's mom is the Goddess of Victory
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None yet
Enemy: None yet, well, there are temps, but his grudges/dislikes wear off pretty quickly
Others(if any):


Powers: Lucas is a very lucky sort of person, though he can dispense good luck or really bad luck to people. If he likes you, or if it's for a team or competition, he gives good luck to his own team, or to the person he feels like giving good luck to, though he gives it only to people who deserve it, he never gives any to freeloaders. He can and will dispense bad luck if he doesn't like you, or if he's just in a really rotten mood, but he does give bad luck to those who try to free load off of his powers or to those who don't work hard. Again, everything has a limit, and he gets bad headaches or bloody noses if he over does it, or in worst case scenarios, he passes out. Good with weapons, again, the luck helps him with it.
Weapons: Gold coin that transforms into either a gladius or spear, depending on which side it lands on, and he can't lose it
Fatal flaw: Pride, always pride, as well as overconfidence
Strengths: He works hard, and he plays fair.
Weaknesses: Overdoing it, he sometimes acts like he's the Energizer Bunny on steroids, but when he's out, he's out.


Fortuna took a liking to Lucas's Father because he was a good man, on his free time, he volunteered at animal shelters, homeless shelters, churches, where ever anybody needed help, Jared Chase was there to lend a hand, he gave help to the less fortunate. A relation ship followed, which produced Lucas. Jared kept close watch on him, knowing that he was a demigod, for he was a mortal with clear sight, so he knew at once who Fortuna was. Lucas's power were obvious, at least to Jared, the moment he was born, since he brought Lucas with him where ever he went when he was an infant to keep watch on him, a lot of good things happened around Jared and Lucas. As Lucas aged, his powers seemed to evolve, advance, since when he sent Lucas to school, the sports teams, everything in general seemed to improve, even test scores. Monsters started to take note, and they started to attack, though it was hard to find lucas, since he was so lucky, monsters found it hard to get him. Some were smart, and went straight to the source, Lucas's home. Lucas went home, and saw that monsters were holding his Father hostage. Lucas, lucky for him, was a very smart boy, and pretended to bargain with the monsters, and 'persuaded' them to unbind and ungag his Father. He lead them into the basement, where he killed them, one by one, with waves of very, very bad luck, as he was already very much aware of his powers. The end result was having the monsters attack and kill each other, and Fortuna appeared, congratulating him on his quick thinking, and gave him his coin. Jared knew it was time for Lucas to go, not wanting a repeat of what just happened, so he pulled Lucas out of school, and sent him on his way to the Wolf House. Maybe it was by Lucas's own luck or not, but Lupa found him worthy of Camp Jupiter instead of being her dinner. She sent him off to Camp Jupiter, where he was placed into the First Cohort. Lucas is enjoying life at Camp Jupiter very much since he is amongst his bretheren
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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Chase   Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:18 am

Lucas(ke) and Chase - Team Lukabeth?
Energizer Bunny lol
approved anyway Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Chase   Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:01 am

Wow! this is very very good!!!

-Lee Underwood, son of Trivia. Praetor and centurion of the second cohort.

Natalie, daughter of Discordia.
-Alexandra, legacy of Venus.
-Kevin, son of Nemesis.
-Angie, daughter of Angita.
Gwen owen, daughter of Juventas.

Lana Cruise, huntress of Diana, child of Luna.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Chase   

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Lucas Chase
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