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Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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 Profile of Amanda Silver, daughter of Aphrodite

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PostSubject: Profile of Amanda Silver, daughter of Aphrodite   Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:31 pm


Amanda Silver
Nickname: Mandy
Date of Birth: 1st May, 1997
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Taurus
Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York
Place living: Manhattan, New York
Age when arriving at the Camp: 12

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 90 lb
Eye Color: Aqua blue
Hair color and style: Staight long blonde hair, but she likes doing her hair - trying out something new.
Clothing style: Always stylish and trendy. Look good in both light and dark colors, but purple is her favourite. Love to wear boots.
Birthmark/Scars/Tattoos: None
Physical Description: Slim and tall. Looks gorgious even without make-up - when she have make-up, well... you can imagine.

Personality and Characteristics

Personality: Cool-looking but passionate if you know her well. Friendly, sociable and caring. Her friends and families are always put at the first place. Can be dramatic sometimes, but she couldn't help it. Care about her appearance A LOT. Loves to help the others with makeover, and pairing people up(sometimes, people find it annoying). Doesn't fit into the "dumb blonde" description since she is indeed smart. Excellent in academics and decent in sports.
Special Habits: Plays with pendant when nervous.
Strengths and Talents: Charming and attractive(if this is counted as a talent). Excels in academics and fair in sports. Caring, confident and sociable.
Weaknesses: Appear to be dramatic sometimes and often overreact over things, but she couldn't help it. Too talkative sometimes. Care about her appearance - she knows she spends too much time on clothes and makeup which's not good, but, again, she couldn't help it. Jealouy and compassion are her fatal flaws.
Fears: Insects, being abandoned and betrayed. Losing her friends and families or anyone she cares about.
Hobbies: Doing makeovers herself and for her friends. Pairing the others up(she finds it interesting but it doesn't work for herself). Listening to music. Reading(yes, as a daughter of Aphrodite girl, I do read). Archery.
Favorite food: Almost all desert(at least when she forgets that deserts make her fat).
Least Favorite Food: Anything oily and fat.
Favorite Time of the Day: When the sun sets - it's romantic!
Favorite Place at Camp: Fireworks beach - it's beautiful.
Favorite Activity at Camp: Chriot-racing.
Least Favorite Activity at Camp: Chores(it's boring and it makes my clothes dirty).

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Daniel Silver
Godly Parent: Aphrodite!
Stepparent: None.
Siblings: None.
Best Friends: Alice Van Curen, daughter of Hecate; Angela Skye, daughter of Zeus; Aiden Lawson, son of Apollo; and Victor Clarke, son of Nike.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None, (YET - Amanda asked me to add this). Amanda can't figure why those she don't love fall for her, but those she loves don't feel the same.
Enemies: None, yet...


Powers: Charmspeak(see, I've got more than just beauty) - however, since she's new to this, it often doesn't work(Well, you can't expect me to charmspeak the others to kill themselves). Work best on boys especially those who fall for her. The effects last for at most a day. However, she doesn't use this power much since it feels like manipulating the others and she hates it.
Weapon: A necklace (Thanks, mum) which will make her invisible when she press the heart pendant of it. A bow and arrows which will never be used up.
Fatal Flaw: Jealousy, too emotional and compassionate - Don't know which comes first.
Strengths: She's agile and good at archery. She's also good at planning(I do think, alright?).
Weaknesses: Melee. Sword fighting. Too emotional. Jealousy may ruin her(That's what my mum said, but I don't think so). Cares too much about her appearances.


Amanda Silver was born in Manhattan in 1997. Her dad, Daniel Silver owns a computer programming company passed down from his parents(I think mum loves her probably because he's handsome, wealthy and powerful). Although her dad do care about her, he was always busy that made Amanda felt abandoned. She's jealous of the kids who have a mum. This made her relationship with her dad worsened, before she realized her dad didn't actually know much about her mum except that she's beautiful and they've lived together for a while before Aphrodite left him with a baby. By the age of 12, she started attracting monsters and her best friend, Samatha, turned out to be an empoursai who tried to kill her. Angela and a satyr named Toby came just in time to save her and brought her to the Camp after noticing her dad. Amanda got claimed the night she arrived when they were having dinner. Amanda's now a year rounder of the Camp and she has made a lot of friends there.

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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Amanda Silver, daughter of Aphrodite   Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:36 pm

I think its very good...approve Smile

-Lee Underwood, son of Trivia. Praetor and centurion of the second cohort.

Natalie, daughter of Discordia.
-Alexandra, legacy of Venus.
-Kevin, son of Nemesis.
-Angie, daughter of Angita.
Gwen owen, daughter of Juventas.

Lana Cruise, huntress of Diana, child of Luna.
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Profile of Amanda Silver, daughter of Aphrodite
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