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 Halloween Monster Invasion- by Laura & Christy

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Sabrina Zhu
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PostSubject: Halloween Monster Invasion- by Laura & Christy   Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:00 am

Hi! I've been really busy this week. Making a poster on plate tectonics and the Pythagorean Theorem really takes away your time! Besides, I had to... well, I'm really busy in my classes. Sorry about my complaining, but basically, I had zero time to go on this site up until now. Is this acceptable?

Paige Lawrence's POV

Paige Lawrence, the daughter of Aphrodite, waited for Olivia Goldenfield to put down her bow and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention.

"Archery session is officially over." she announced. "We can stop aiming arrows at the pumpkins. It's free time now."

One of her youngest siblings looked up from decorating a pumpkin with pink sparkles. "Huh?"

At Camp Half-Blood, in Halloween spirit, instead of aiming arrows at targets, this week, they've been aiming at pumpkins. Paige didn't think that was a great idea. The arrows got dirty from the orange stuff inside.

"Well, since it's free time," Paige told the 9-year-old, "You can go back to decorating your pumpkin."

She looked around. The landscape was dotted with orange, black, and thanks to her, pink decorations. This year they weren't having a Halloween party. For some reason, Christina Hughes, a very worrisome daughter of Hecate, convinced everyone to not have one. Well, she was fine with that. After all, she did come up with the best idea to celebrate Halloween!

As she walked toward the cabins, a boy waved to her. "Hey, Laura!"

She waved back. However, while passing Cabin One, Ty Skye, a cute son and powerful of Zeus, and Katerina, a child of Athena, or Kater, walked out holding hands. Laura tried not to feel bitter about it, but she had made it to camp before they were in a relationship. She had a crush on him, and thought her feelings weren't that
obvious or hidden. However, Tyler didn't seem to have the same feelings back.

Well, now she was crushing on Ben Jordan, a good-looking son of Apollo. He didn't seem to notice her feelings or share them back, but he wasn't in a relationship either. Things would work out.

A new start, she thought.

She was smiling while she changed into a pink and yellow one-shoulder dress, washed her face, did her makeup, and fixed her long, chocolate brown hair. She flipped it over her shoulder.


Outside, she joined Pia Reyes, one of her best friends and a daughter of Apollo and Helen Sparks, a daughter of Tyche.

"You look great." Pia assured her for the hundredth time. "My brother will definitely fall for it."

"And don't forget, you have good luck on your side." Helen reminded them.

Linking arms with her two friends, she walked toward the Apollo Cabin.

Just then, the boy they were looking for stepped out. Paige tried not to blush when she stared at him. His windswept blonde hair and his sunny smile came into view.

"Hi." she uttered.

"Hey, sis. Oh, and also Paige and Helen."

Why didn't he mention her first? Well, at least she wasn't mentioned last.

"Hello, brother dear." Pia said.

"So, Ben," Paige began. "Since it's Halloween and we don't have a party this year, why don't we all go somewhere in two hours?"

"Yeah," Helen chimed in. "Pia and I are also free. What do you think?"

"Can I bring other people?"

Paige had to resist rolling her eyes. Didn't he get this was supposed to be a date?

"Wait..." Pia face palmed. "I have to speak to Hailey."

"Oops!" Helen added to the act. "I need to do some fortune incantations with a son of Hecate." The daughter of Tyche tried not to blush.

Helen became friends with Paige after she introduced her to Jared, a son of Hecate. The two were now dating and had “incantation dates”.

"Jared." Paige configured.

"Making fortune incantations." Pia teased and shook her head. "More like making out!"

"Hey!" Helen protested. “That’s not true!” They left, leaving Ben and her alone.

"So, um." she swallowed. "I guess we'll have to go by ourselves."

After what seemed like a long time, he finally decided. "Okay. Where are we going?"

"Manhattan." Paige replied. However, she hadn't really thought about that. But more importantly, she needed a Halloween costume. She tried for a smile. "We'll figure out our exact location after we meet, 'kay? See you!"

She spun on her heel and headed back to her cabin, Cabin Ten.


Christy's POV

She'd finally convinced Chiron in a significant meeting to not have a Halloween party. However, she was still shaken up by last night's nightmare.

"Jeez," Matt Vivaldi, a son of Nemesis, grumbled. "What's the point? Halloween parties are fun!"

"Sorry." she muttered. Christina Hughes did feel a little guilty about angering her crush. She hadn't told anybody about her vision and her horrifying chat with her mother, Hecate.

The night of the nightmare, she saw monsters attacking demigods. Specifically, her best friend, Sarah Stewart, lying unconscious, her brother, Jared, failing at casting a magical incantation to a telkhine, the Golden Fleece missing from its branch on Thalia's pine tree, and exploding pumpkins. Then she met her mom praying in an altar, wearing ceremonial robes.

Her mother gazed at her. "You've grown." she said quietly. "You're my second oldest child...from the-" she cut herself off.

The Greek side, Christy thought. Why couldn't they just meet the Romans? Of course, there were many possibilities if things that could go wrong, but when she met Lee Underworld, a son of Trivia (from Camp Jupiter), he didn't try to kill her. They became friends. They did argue about which camp is better. Also, wasn't she the oldest from her Greek side? One of the reasons why she was Cabin Counselor of the Hecate Cabin was because of her age.

Christy nodded at her mom.

"You need to take responsibility now." the goddess of magic continued. "Tonight, as your vision depicted, monsters will invade camp because of a silly mistake and no one taking precautions. You can stop it."

“Couldn’t you help?” she asked. “Is it a test or what?”

“You’re also smarter.” Hecate added and formed a smile. “However, I can’t help at this moment. I just casted a large spell for my children.”

“Okay,” Christy said slowly. “Oh, and by the way, who are you praying to?”

“You’re a smart one.” Hecate told her. “You should know.”

Actually, it wasn’t that obvious.

Her mother pursued her lips. Her eyes glowed. “Go,” she warned. “Before my other side takes over and decides that you’ve failed-“

“Failed what?”

“Prove yourself,” a different yet same voice came from Hecate. “Or you have failed.”

Christy had woken up in a bead of sweat. Then one of her siblings asked her about the decorations for the Halloween party. Well, if monsters were going to invade, then of course people shouldn’t be partying. So she’d convinced Chiron to not have a party.

So I’ve proved myself worthy, right? she thought.

Well, after a long day of camp with people glaring at her, she’d almost forgotten about it. Besides, most of the glares were from during archery practice. During free time, she was going to get right to making more potions in her cabin when she passed her other crush, Ben Jordan.

“Hey, Christy, Allison, and Sarah.” He greeted.

She ended up staring into his intense blue eyes that went with his windswept blonde hair and sunny smile.

She saw a hand wave into her face. Huh?

“EARTH TO CHRISTY!” two voices yelled.

She blinked. “What?”

Allison Grace, a daughter of Aphrodite smirked. “See?”

“Fine.” Sarah grumbled. She slammed five drachmas into Allison’s hand. Being the daughter of Nike, the goddess of victory, she wasn’t used to losing. “But I’m still right.”

“What were you two betting on?” Christy asked.

“Oh, you wouldn’t want to know.” Allison replied mischievously. “However, we do need to talk.”


Laura was actually tired of looking through her large walk-through closet. Being Cabin Counselor of Cabin Ten meant having a huge walk-through pink closet. Of course, it was nice and also necessary. However, she couldn’t find a suitable Halloween costume. Her sparkled fuchsia Gothic princess outfit was out of order, apparently. She pulled out a large, poofy pink dress and a matching pink fan. It was way too old-fashioned. It would’ve been a symbol of beauty in the 1800s, but Paige was more toward the glamorous side.

Well, it was better than the frilly one with gold trimmings. Most of the things that looked appealing were too small. After trying on numerous outfits, she finally found a suitable one. Surprisingly, there was no pink. It was all blue (well, different shades (gradually)) with layers of fabric that made it look like a waterfall. Sparkles made it look clean and refreshing. She let her wavy hair wave down naturally and put on a simple hairclip and put on blue eyeliner instead of pink or purple. Finally, she put on some subtle blush and actually ditched putting on lipstick!

Then she put blue eyeliner, a blush kit, and her lipstick/ celestial bronze sword into a blue handbag and finally opened the door.


Christy’s POV

“No way,” a very red daughter of Hecate said. However, she kind of did want to use the chance. Still, wasn’t it too early? Fourteen-year-olds didn’t ask 14-year-olds out.

“Come on,” Allison smirked.

“Seriously,” Sarah muttered. “I don’t get all this mushy- gushy lovey-dovey stuff ,”

Allison ignored her. “Look,” she pointed.

Ben was standing, waiting for something.

Christina sighed. Then, without warning, she was dragged to the clearing where he was.

She blushed. Luckily, it was getting dark, so he probably didn’t see it.

“Hi, Ben.” She muttered nervously while fidgeting with her hat (Allison gave her a glamorous sorceress costume).

“You look nice.” He commented.

“Are you going anywhere particular today?” Christy immediately asked. Oops…

“You know what?” Ben replied. “I’ve been waiting for-“ he looked at his watch. “Wow, two hours! So, where do you want to go?”

Allison gave Christy a thumbs-up.

“Um, Manhattan.” Christy decided.


Sarah’s POV

Sarah Stewart didn’t think her day would get worse. It did.

After a horrible day of losing to Hailey Sunshine in archery, Katerina Clearwater in a strategists activity, Owen Lestrade in footracing, and Allison Grace in a love bet, she was ignored. Then Christy and Ben launched into some mushy-gushy lovey-dovey date.

She was planning to see Matt Vivaldi when she noticed the girl wearing the golden scarf.

The girl stepped in and her mouth dropped in awe at the camp.

Well, she could spend this time introducing Camp Half-Blood to a new demigod.

“What? Who are you? I’m Jessica,”

“Sarah Stewart.” They shook hands.

“So, what is this place?”

“Camp Half-Blood.” Sarah replied.


She introduced Jessica to all the great activities this place included, the Mess Hall, and the Big House. They were passing by the Aphrodite Cabin.

Jessica wrinkled her nose. “Gah! What is this cabin for, where supermodels go to after they die?”

“The Aphrodite Cabin.” Sarah said.

“Why do you all name these cabins after Greek gods? Why isn’t there a Febe or Asteria Cabin? Why are the Hera and Artemis Cabin empty? What about the school year?”

Sarah groaned. She didn’t really like answering questions. Luckily, Paige Lawrence stepped out just in time.

“Newbie?” she asked.

“Yes.” Sarah told Laura. “I’m busy. You can show Jessica, who’s currently unclaimed-“

“Unclaimed?” Jessica interrupted.

“She doesn’t know?”

Sarah nodded. “Now I need to go.” She sped off.

“You do realize I have a date!”


Paige’s POV

She walked out of the Aphrodite Cabin, and Sarah Stewart just gave her a new camper. Usually, she enjoyed this kind of stuff, but today she had a date.

“Okay,” Laura told her. “You might need a makeover, but I’ll tell you this: the Greek gods are real and one of them is your dad or mom. I’m a daughter of Aphrodite who’s going on a Halloween date with a son of Apollo.”

She dashed toward the clearing where she and Ben were supposed to meet. However, he wasn’t there. What? She hurried toward the Apollo Cabin when claws grabbed her.

Her hairpiece dropped onto the ground. No time to worry about that. If she just opened her bag and applied the lipstick…

She bit the claw. It dropped her in surprise, but she ended up tumbling into the lake.

Demigods of all ages rushed out, half-dressed in Halloween costumes and armor.

Children of Hecate swarmed around, looking for their cabin counselor.

After somersaulting headfirst and spluttering out water and some hair (eww), she treaded her way to shore.

Her cabin rushed behind her.

The demigods started preparing for the monster attack. The Zeus twins, Tyler and Angela, electrocuted monsters and formed mini storm clouds.

Monsters were doused with water thanks to their camp’s only son of Poseidon.

She glanced at her soaked, mopping dress and applied lipstick. In her hand she held her celestial bronze sword and she gritted her teeth as she sliced monsters.

“Fight!” Ashley yelled.

She had to agree with her enemy. If they ruined her dress, they definitely deserved going into the pits of Tartarus.

Jared yelled some incantation in Ancient Greek. Unfortunately, he just fell back. However, Helen helped him up.

Just then, pink sparkles flew everywhere as pumpkins exploded.

Paige groaned in disgust as chunks of orange flew in her way.

She bumped into the new camper, Jessica while backing away.

For some reason, she wasn’t hurt from the monsters.

Whatever. Then Christy and Ben appeared holding hands. They had bewildered looks on their faces.
“What happened?” Christy asked.

Laura ignored her and rushed to Ben. “Where were you?” she demanded.

The son of Apollo winced. “I waited two hours for you!”

Paige realized what he meant. Of course! Them holding hands. Because of that, he decided to have a date with someone else? She just snapped, “There’s a monster attack!”

She shook her head. Maybe he wasn’t for her.

“What happened?” Christy repeated.

“A silly error.” Paige grumbled. Okay, maybe not really, but she needed to sound superior.

She blinked, then her eyes widened. “Exactly! A silly mistake! But how did monsters manage to get in here in the first place? The camp has magical borders.”

“I don’t know.” Laura admitted. “But-“

“The Golden Fleece is missing!” a voice yelled.

Demigods ran toward the commotion. Christy grabbed onto Jessica, the new camper.

“Well, you aren’t a daughter of Hermes.” She decided.

The Golden Fleece was missing from Thalia’s pine. In fact, the whole field was parched. The guard dragon was sound asleep.

“Who stole it?” Katerina asked.

“Whoever did so is going to have to sleep with one eye open in the future if they want to live.” Matt Vivaldi, a son of Nemesis growled.

Jessica touched her scarf. Suddenly, it was glowing.

Laura’s eyes widened. She slipped through the crowd toward where the new girl was.

“Where did you buy your gold scarf?” Christina was interrogating.

“M-my, uh, mom bought it for me,” she stuttered.

Paige grabbed it from her. “Well, it turned out to be the Golden Fleece-“

“Wait, you mean the one in Greek mythology, or a replica?”

“The original.” The two demigods replied.

“So you did steal it,” Christina configured. “Why?”

The girl looked down, ashamed. “Well-“

“YIKES!!!” Paige shrieked and dropped her handbag, which burst into flames as a fireball launched into her hair. Luckily, it just lasted momentarily, but her scalp still hurt.

“Oh, Styx,” she muttered. After slicing so many monsters, including dracaena, Kampe, telkhines, etc. that some of her nails were probably chipped off, all of the monsters suddenly burst into flames.

The Golden Fleece glinted in the moonlight on the place it was supposed to rest. Christy looked relieved and tired, and a noseless Jessica without her scarf was trying and failing to get back in.

“You’re just a silly mortal.” Katerina decided. After testing her with celestial bronze weapons, that was found to be true.

Eventually, the nose was returned by Christy.

Well, things were fine for now. One her way back to her cabin, boys started staring at her. What?

Matt grabbed her. “What happened to your hair?”

Huh? She reached down and found a hand mirror. Her hair was in all directions, thanks to the fireball. She started fixing her hair.

“No, you’re still a daughter of Aphrodite.”

She grinned at him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

He raised his eyebrows. “Well, duh. It’s natural for children of Afro dite to have afros.”

He got a slap on his arm instead.

“Dude!” he protested. “I meant, dudette!”

Well, it was getting late. She hadn’t realized how worn out she was. She slapped his arm one last time and walked into her cabin.

What do you think? I thought it was too long, and I guess I didn’t really explain what happened to Christy. Sad Oh, well. Also, maybe it’s a little rushed. Oh, and I spaced out all the lines. May the best writer win.

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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Monster Invasion- by Laura & Christy   Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:54 am

I do love your story! It's interesting and funny sometimes Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Monster Invasion- by Laura & Christy   Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:04 am

I love the story!

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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Monster Invasion- by Laura & Christy   

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Halloween Monster Invasion- by Laura & Christy
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