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 The Nightmare - by Katerina Clear

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PostSubject: The Nightmare - by Katerina Clear   Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:51 pm

The Nightmare
Katerina was in a dark creepy room. A room that she had been before for thousands of times, she thought. She walked up the old wooden stairs, which squeaked as she stepped on it.

This didn’t sound good. In fact, she felt that there was something terrible happen upstairs. She felt death. She walked inside the room. That’s when she saw the worst scene of the worst nightmare in her life – Tyler Skye, her boyfriend who was a son of Zeus, laid on the floor unconsciously and seemed to be dead, with his clothes covered in blood, and Patrick Umbridge the irritating son of Ares lying beside him! Standing nearby them was a boy whom Katerina couldn’t recognize. He was holding a sword with blood on it. The boy turned his head and looked at her. Katerina couldn’t explain why but his face is blurred – all she could see is that he had black hair and black eyes. “I killed them,” he said, bewildered. The last thing she spotted was a big cross scar on his elbow – before she woke up from this nightmare, and found herself lying down on her bed in the Athena’s cabin. It’s seven in the morning.

Although it was just a dream, Katerina couldn’t stop herself from sweating and shivering. It’s because Katerina’s dream is a bit different from the others - she often dreams that’s going to happen within a week and this thought horrified her. So she changed her pajamas into a white shirt and skinny black jeans, put on her purple Nike windbreaker and sneakers, then left her cabin and went to jog – this is what she likes to do when her mind is blocked.

It’s a chilling autumn. Red and golden leaves fell from the trees to the pumpkins on the road. Along the road was decorated with Jack O’ Lanterns, scarecrows and spider-webs (Katerina wasn’t sure if they are real) - it’s the day before Halloween, the pumpkins reminded her. The orange and black decorations have added much holiday spirit in the camp.
Hi, Kat!” shouted Hailey from the Apollo’s cabin, which was surrounded with pumpkins. They looked as if they were shining under the sun – a little bit different from the other pumpkins.
“Hello, Hailey! What’re you doing here?”
“I’ve just finished decorating my cabin. Beautiful, isn’t it?”
“Yea, of course. I love the Jack O’ Lanterns along the road!”
“Glad you do! Olivia and Paige also helped – oh! I forgot that I promised to help Olivia with the decoration of her cabin! See ya, Kat!” The Apollo’s child smiled and left with some crow figurines.

Katerina jogged to the field where the satyrs were playing their pipes to the pumpkins – the camp now sold pumpkins instead of strawberries. It’s more Halloween-like.

"Hey!” shouted Tyler, who’s running from the back. The son of Zeus was wearing a white hoodie, a pair of jeans and sneakers. Smart as always, Katerina thought.
Tyler gave her a kiss on her cheek. “Feeling better?” she asked. Tyler caught a cold few days ago.
“Yeah, thanks for the soup, by the way,” he smiled.
“Seriously, it was horrible! I’ve added too much salt.”
Tyler laughed, “Never mind. It’s fine for me.”
Katerina blushed and chuckled, hoping that Tyler wouldn't notice it, but stopped when she remembered her dream. It’s like a ghost that haunted her. So, she told him all about it.
“Maybe you’ve worried too much or it’s just a dream! Remember last time you dreamt of your dad getting in to a serious car crash? It turned out that he was just walking pass by and witnessed the whole accidents. Chill’ax, I’ll be alright.” Tyler comforted her, but there’s a corner of his heart telling him that perhaps this time, Katerina was right.

After breakfast and cabin inspection, Katerina, Tyler and Angela, Tyler’s sister and also Katerina’s best friend, had an Ancient Greek lesson with other children of Athena and children of Hecate. It’s one of Katerina’s favorites but definitely not Angela’s. Angela kept grumbling and cursed in Ancient Greek (probably the only thing she’s good at when learning Ancient Greek). After that, they had archery practices with Apollo’s kids, in which Katerina shot Chiron at his horseback while she was actually aiming at the big pumpkin 200 m away. While Angela went to help Olivia with the Halloween decoration, Tyler and Katerina went foot-racing with the dryads. Everything happened following in the camp is normal as usual. The memory of the nightmare almost slipped away from her mind.

At the evening, there’s a scream for help at the border of the camp. It was Angela and Paige! Everyone rushed to there. Angela and Paige found a boy lying just inside the border unconsciously. Katerina couldn’t help but yelped when she saw the boy who’s about 16 years old with messy black hair and a big cross scar on his arm – the boy in her dream! Even stranger, Chiron muttered beside her, “It can’t be…He should have been dead…It must be a coincidence…” She glimpsed at Chiron who was exchanging glances with Dionysus, the Camp director, saying something like “ten years ago”, “death” and “Maine”, which Katerina had no clue what it means.

“Where am I?” the boy woke up, sat on his bed, confused, and asked. Chiron had ordered the campers to carry him to the infirmary. The Apollo Cabin bandaged his wounds on his hands and feet before heading to the Pavilion for dinner, in which Katerina didn’t have much appetite on. By the time the cabin counselors came back, the boy had waked up. Hailey fed him with nectar and ambrosia.
Tyler explained, “You’re in Camp Half Blood. It’s a place where for – “
“Children with god parents. Children like me.”
“How do you know?” Katerina was surprised.
“I don’t know…I…It…It just sounds so familiar…I don’t remember anything but running out of that hotel. The next minute I got out of that chaos, I was here. What has happened? What’s going on -”
“Calm down. I’m Tyler, son of Zeus and camp counselor. This is Katerina, daughter of Athena, who’s also the camp counselor. This is Chiron, the – “
“Camp activity director and Dionysus, the Camp Director. I’ve got a feeling that I’ve met them before…”
Chiron asked, “Kid, do you remember your name?”
“My name…Ian Blackburn…That’s my name,” the boy answered.
There was a slight shock in Chiron’s eyes, he had a quick meditation and then he told everyone, “Alright, it’s already late at night. Enough for the day. Everyone go back to their cabin now. We’ll continue tomorrow. I’ll explain to Ian about the whole demigod-thing.”
Everyone then left with unwillingness, whispering about Ian, the newcomer. Everyone found him strange and mysterious not only because of his lost memory, but also because he’s way too old to enter the camp.

That night, Katerina had that dream again, but this time the dream was clearer that she could see the unknown boy’s face – he was Ian. Katerina couldn’t really sleep at that night.

In the next morning, Chiron asked Katerina and Tyler gave Ian an orientation around the camp, which Katerina wasn’t really willing to but she couldn’t really trust the others on handling this. They went to the archery field first and Ian shot the crow figurine 500 m away (Katerina couldn’t help but give credits to him on that). They then walked to the armory for weapons (Ian couldn’t find a weapon that he actually felt comfortable with) before went for the sword-fighting practices with Ares’ kids.

The cabin counselor of the Ares Cabin, Patrick Umbridge was a total jerk. He was very mean and irritating (It’s a long story). His face was like written with big words “PUNCH ME”. Simply being around him made Katerina felt angry.
“So, which dimwit’s gonna come here and fight with me?” Patrick demanded, “You’re new, right? Ian, isn’t it?”
“Patrick, seriously? He’s –“ Tyler questioned.
“What? Too scare to fight with me? So he hide like a – “
“Alright, I’ll do it.” Ian took out a sword from nowhere – no, the sword was the small iron skull (at least that’s what Katerina thought it was) from his pocket!
"How did you –“ Katerina’s eyes widened.
Ian looked at the sword, which was different from normal sword as it’s not made in Celestial Bronze (the color of the sword was grey in color) but some kind of metal. “I don’t know…”
Patrick clamored impatiently, “Are you coming or not?”
Ian raised his sword, and took his first move. He was nothing like new to sword-fighting. He’s like as if he had done this hundreds of time. Patrick may have noticed it too. So, he fought him harder, finally got a mere stab with his electric spear (just like Clarisse’s) at Ian’s arm. Ian shivered and his strength was obviously reduced after that shot. Patrick shouted sarcastically, "That’s all you’ve got, huh? Your daddy didn’t teach you? How about your mummy? Oh, I forgot you don’t remember any.” The other children of Ares snickered. But Ian was like he suddenly remembered something when Patrick said the word “mummy”. It was like a flash passed his mind, but definitely not a good one.
“Don’t be so mean, Patrick.” Tyler yelled.
Patrick kept sneering while fighting with Ian, “ What could he actually do to me? What can you do, sissy? Ha – “
“Or what? You’re gonna kill me – “
“I said SHUT UP!”
Suddenly, Katerina got a feeling that her energy was draining out. She felt tired and exhausted like she was facing death. Looking around, she found out that all the others were just like her. Tyler standing next to her looked like he was passing out. Patrick had fallen on the ground unconsciously. However, Ian, who was standing next to Patrick perplexedly, remained unharmed. Katerina realized that those who were near Ian were affected most.
“Stop, Ian, STOP!” she demanded and ran to him.
Ian looked at her, bewildered and said, “Sis?” Then he fainted.
“What’s going on?” asked Christina, the daughter of Hecate, who was just passing by.
“Go find Chiron, I’ll take care of this.” Christy then took off. Katerina immediately ran to the Apollo Cabin for help. The others including Patrick was getting better. Hailey and the others helped and brought Ian to the infirmary.

Two hours later, Ian woke up. Chiron was sitting beside him, concerned. “Are you feeling good?”
“I’m fine. What happened?”
“You’ve no idea what you’ve done?” Katerina, holding Tyler’s hand who was sitting next to her, questioned.
“I don’t know…I just remember I was having sword-fighting with that Ares’ kid and then I got angry…I remember that I’ve a s – um, never mind.”
“It’s okay. Just get some rest. Guess you’ll need a little more time to recover,” Chiron said, who seemed to have just discovered something, ”Besides, we’re having a party tonight!”
After lunch, Chiron announced that since it was Halloween, he’s giving everyone a day-off. Every camper’s just become very excited. Some went to the field and harvested for some pumpkins (the satyrs weren’t really happy about it) for decorating their own cabins. Some went to the camp store for the costumes for the Halloween. Christy, Hailey, Angela and most of the Aphrodite kids went to help decorate the Big House – transforming it into a haunted house. Katerina was influenced by this holiday spirit that she agreed to put the Ian-issues behind and had fun.

By the time of six, everything had been set up. Angela, who was dressed as an angel, arrived at the Dining Pavilion. With the enthusiastic help from Angela and Paige, Katerina and Tyler dressed as the Gryffindors. Even Ian attended the party, dressed as a Man-in-Black – he wore black hoodie, black trousers and black shoes. All the campers were so agog about the Halloween party.

"Let’s get the party started!” exclaimed Olivia and Hailey. Rhythmic and energetic music rushed out from the speakers. Tyler got Katerina a can of diet coke. Everyone was eating, talking, laughing and singing. “Hey Kat and Ty! Let’s join us! We’ve got so much fun dancing here!” Angela was crazily hitting the dance floor with Olivia and Paige.
“Sure – “An 8-year-old child of Hermes accidentally spilt his glass of fake blood on Ty’s robe while running around the hall.
“Ouch! What a mess! Wait me for a second. I‘m going back and get changed!” said Tyler.

Tyler was heading back to the Zeus cabin before he saw Patrick suspiciously following Ian to the haunted house.

“Angie, have you seen Tyler? He has gone for 15 minutes,” asked Katerina worriedly.
“I don’t know. I thought he’s with you!” replied Angela from the dancing ground.
Suddenly, an eyes-blinding lightning stroke from the Big House across the sky, following by rash of thunder reverberated through the camp.
“Good job, Angie! Full of holiday spirit!” laughed Hailey who has just got herself another can of diet coke.
Astonished, Angie said,”No, it’s not me! I haven’t done anything – Oh my god, it must be Tyler! The lightning comes from there. I bet that’s where he is! Let’s go find him!"

The Big House was decorated like a haunted house (It’s designed for the adventure an hour later when the sky is even darker). Katerina and Angela found themselves in a dark creepy room – the room that Katerina had been in her dream. A cold chill went down her spine. “This can’t be it – it just can’t be,” Katerina kept murmuring to herself. They walked up the old wooden stairs, which squeaked as they stepped on it, exactly what had happened in her nightmare.

Standing in front of the door, Katerina hesitated. She dared not to open the door or to have a glimpse of what’s happening inside. She felt death. It’s so quiet inside that she could only hear someone muttering. “It’s okay,” Angela held her hand. They pushed the door and walked inside.

Tyler was lying on the floor senselessly with blood covering his robe. Patrick was beside him, as unconscious as Tyler, holding his sword with a cut on his elbow. Next to them stood Ian, who also had a cut on his wrist, grasping his blood-dripping sword. It’s death. He looked at Katerina and Angela painfully, and repeated, “I killed them.” He then fell on the floor and passed out.

“NO!” Katerina cried and rushed to Tyler. Angela sent a bolt of lightning to the sky to notify the others that they’re in the Big House. Katerina panicked, “They’re dead! They’re dead! Their hearts aren’t beating! They’re all dead – “
“They aren’t, yet,” said a man in a black hooded long robe, who had just appeared in the middle of the room. His essence was like that of Ian’s – death.
“What?” Katerina couldn’t help herself from crying.
“Lord Hades?” Angela questioned.
"Good night, nephew. Alright, that’s the thing here. My son, Ian – “
“Ian is your son?” exclaimed Katerina, wiping tears on her cheek.
“Is it really that surprising? Anyway, Ian didn’t kill them, and he’s not referring to them when he was murmuring. That was his mum and his half-sister. It was an accident that happened ten years ago when an enemy used them to lure Ian, who was in Camp Half Blood, to his town in Maine. He was just 16 years old at that time –“
“What? How – “
“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” Lord Hades was annoyed. ”Ian didn’t know that he had the power of absorbing the energy of people around him yet. But the enemy had done something that made him so angry – he possessed his mum as a leverage for something from him – that had triggered his power. It’s a curse that he couldn’t control, which killed his mum and his half-sister, but the enemy had fled. I had no choice but put a memory block on him – he was too dangerous. I ordered my Furies to send him to a Casino in Las Vegas, where time pauses. Somehow, 10 years later, he managed to get out from there, and that’s why he’s here.”
“Lord Hades, why are you telling us these?” asked Angela.
“”Here’s the thing, since he’s now out here, the enemy will come looking for him again. I need you two, (he glanced at Tyler) or you three, if he could survive, to help him with controlling his power. AND you must NOT let the others know about it. He’s in grave danger now. If we’re deal, I’ll get them back to life.”
“Does Chiron know about this?”
“That old centaur knew the day Ian got back here! Are we deal or not? Um…better be quick, their lives seemed to be fading in a pretty fast rate.”
“Deal! Just save Tyler first, please!” cried Katerina.

“Done. That Ares’ kid won’t remember what had happened when he woke up, except that he cut himself when he was frightened in this haunted house.” Hades did have a sense of humor.
Tyler, Ian and Patrick woke up. Campers were rushing up the stairs.
“What happened – Lord Hades?” Christina was astonished with the mess in the room.
“I’m just having a time with my son, Ian, on Halloween. You’ve got a problem?”
Camper whispered, startled by the presence of the God of Death.
“No, my Lord.”
“Halloween is about ghosts and spirits and stuff. That’s why I’m here. You know what? Let’s get back to the party and rock the night! I do enjoy Rock n’ Roll!”

Most campers got back to the Mess Hall, while some left behind for the adventure in the “haunted house”. Christina casted a spell that made “ghosts” popped out in the house from time to time, scaring the campers. Drinks, food, and rock music (under the special request of Hades) mixed to create an unforgettable Halloween night.

“What was happening?” asked Tyler, when he and Katerina were walking away from the party to the Zeus’s Cabin to get changed.
“Fill you in tomorrow. So much has happened tonight. I’m exhausted.”
Holding Katerina, Tyler flied to the roof of Zeus’s cabin. They lied on the roof, enjoying the shimmering pumpkins and other beautiful decorations placed all over the camp. They could feel the excitement and joy of the campers even away from the party. Katerina thought, even there maybe danger lying ahead, she’s enjoying the Halloween night, free from all those worries and troubles.

That's the story.
Honestly, I think it's too long (and it's not what I've expected at the beginning:|).
I finished it in a rush as the deadline is approaching.
What do you guys think? Rolling Eyes

~Katerina Clear, daughter of Athena

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PostSubject: Re: The Nightmare - by Katerina Clear   Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:02 am

It is really great... It have happen to me that the story its to long and tou just have to cut it... :/. But its really great how you presented you future seeing power with halloween. It was funny how you put Hades to party....

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The Nightmare - by Katerina Clear
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