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 Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite

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Female Virgo Posts : 27
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Join date : 2012-09-20
Age : 19
Location : New York

PostSubject: Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:12 pm


Name: Olivia Goldenfield
Nickname: Goldie Locks
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: May 15, 1998
Horoscope: Taurus
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Place Living Before Going to Camp: Manhattan, New York
Age When Arriving at Camp: 13

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 92 pounds
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Color and Style: Long Blonde Hair with natural soft curls
Clothing Style: Likes to wear soft, long flowy shirts. Wears simple leggings and flats to match. Favorite colors include yellow, pink, green, orange, and black.
Birthmarks/ Scars/ Tattoos: NONE
Other Information: Wears nail-polish. Quite skinny and tall, and radiates beauty because the daughter of Aphrodite. Wears a bit of make-up, only if natural.

Personality and Characteristics:

Personality and Characteristics: Olivia is a charming and nice person, but can be quite harsh and blunt if people believe that she is like most Aphrodite kids. She doesn't like it when people already sets their opinion on someone if they hardly met them yet. She is optimistic towards life and has a stubborn streak when fighting for the things she loves. Sometimes Olivia can be harsh and straightforward even to her friends, and when this happens, she realizes about them later on. When realizing her mistakes, she tries to fix them as soon as possible. Olivia finds happiness towards a variety of things, and one of her top priories are her friends and family. She cares about her looks sometimes and may be a little shallow at times, but she isn't completely like everyone expects her to be. Sometimes people wonder what goes on in her mind and how she works, so she can be mysterious.
Special Habits: Olivia inspects her fingernails when she is bored. She also twirls her hair and likes to look out into space.
Strengths and Talents: Like a child of Aphrodite, Olivia radiates beauty, and this goes noticed by many campers at Camp-Half Blood. Her fighting skills are decent but not expertise. She also has a sense of fashion and is able to understand the feelings of others. She always knows what to say to her friends. Olivia also does gymnastics and took dance when she was little. Can also speak French.
Weaknesses: Olivia tends to do the same routines everyday and she doesn't like to try new things. She shy away from them and doesn't really like to take risks unless its something worth fighting for. She definitely takes risks though when others are in trouble and is willing to fight to her last breath.
Fears: Olivia is afraid of intense fires and heat. She doesn't like losing the people and the home she loves, because she dealt with that enough in her past. She also fears death at times, but she knows its bound to happen later on and is willing to risk her life to save others she cares about.
Hobbies: Gymnastics and dance. She also sometimes gives fashion advice, but not as much as her half-siblings.
Favorite Food: Olivia likes to eat salads and fruits. For dessert, she either eats fruit or little sweets. Smile
Least Favorite Foods: Anything with a lot of grease, oil, and fattening. Olivia isn't a big fan of cheese either.
Favorite Time of Day: In the afternoon, when almost everyone is awake.
Favorite Place at Camp: The Aphrodite Cabin. She likes to be around her half-siblings and socialize, but other than that, she likes to train with her friend Hailey and likes to walk along the beach.
Favorite Activity at Camp: Pegasi Riding. Riding on the Pegasuses make her feel relaxed and free.
Least Favorite at Camp: Javelin Throwing. She can't hold that and use it really well.

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Logan Goldenfield
God Parent: Aphrodite
Stepparent: NONE.
Siblings: NONE.
Best Friend (Mortal/ at Camp): Hailey Sunshine, the daughter of Apollo and Ash, the satyr. Has other friends.
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend: NONE.
Enemy: NONE. But does monsters count? Wink
Others (if any): Logan Goldenfield met Aphrodite during a modeling shoot. They had a romantic relationship in which afterwards they conceived Olivia. Logan took great care towards Olivia, but died later on.


Powers: Olivia radiates passion and happiness towards people in battle, and she also dazzles monsters with just a smile. Olivia really doesn't have powers, but she is flexible and agile and can speak French.
Weapons: Has a pair of daggers that is two parts of a necklace when concealed. It looks like two halves of a heart, but when the halves separate, they turn into daggers. Olivia also has a perfume spray that when sprayed on others, they are knocked out for six hours.
Fatal Flaw: Perfectionist. When things aren't neat or perfect, she can get angry. During battle, if she realizes she is not good enough, she tries to do better.
Weaknesses: Olivia is pretty good at using her daggers, but she is bad when throwing a javelin. She can use a sword and other weapons, and she can use a bow and arrow. Javelins isn't well-balanced in her hands. She can also be careless and sometimes focuses too much on why things aren't perfect like she hopes to be. Always yells at herself internally if something goes wrong.


Olivia was born in San Francisco, California on May 15th, 1998 to Logan Goldenfield and Aphrodite. She lived there for a couple of years until when she was 5, she moved to Manhattan, New York.
Things were calm after they moved. Olivia was taught gymnastics and dance at the age of two, but her training got more intense after they moved to New York.

When Olivia was 9, Olivia and her father were one day having a family dinner in the front lawn when her father went inside to get something back in the house. However, it mysteriously caught on fire and the house was engulfed in flames. Logan always had stuffed a couple bags with supplies hiding around and inside the house, including a necklace that had two parts and was shaped like a heart. The firefighters came and tried to save Olivia's father, but they were too late. Logan Goldenfield was no more. Devastated, Olivia was sent into the orphanage. She didn't talk for 4 years and she was teased. Finally fed up with everything, Olivia ran away from the orphanage. When living on the streets, she met a girl named Hailey Sunshine, who was younger by one year. They became friends and allies and together watched out each others backs. Olivia was finally able to talk again, and she was 13.

They were one day attacked by a pack of hellhounds, and they were saved by a satyr named Ash. They also discovered that Olivia's necklace were daggers and Hailey's bracelet was a bow and arrow. Hailey also had the power to summon light. Together, the three traveled to Camp Half-Blood, and they discovered that Olivia was the daughter of Aphrodite while Hailey was the daughter of Apollo.

Olivia is a year-round camper.

~ Kelly Very Happy
Percy Jackson Fanatic Like a Star @ heaven

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Sabrina Zhu
Camp Counselor
Sabrina Zhu

Female Aquarius Posts : 59
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Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:42 pm

approved Very Happy

Welcome to Cabin 10, half-sister!

For now, Cabin Counselor of the Aphrodite Cabin is my position. Smile

Hey! What do you mean by "like most Aphrodite kids" ?! No

Oh, and maybe you should really give people more fashion advice. It's very helpful! Very Happy

Also, you don't always have to take risks. It's good and all, but if it involves getting your hair, clothes, face, ody, or nails dirty, it's not worth it.

Oh, and where did you get your perfume spray? All I have is lipstick that turns into a sword! Sad

~Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite
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Camp Counselor

Female Leo Posts : 830
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Join date : 2012-08-29
Age : 22
Location : Camp Half-Blood :)

PostSubject: Re: Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite   Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:31 pm

Hi, Olivia!
I'm Angela from the Zeus Cbin:)
Anyway, it's nice to meet you!
Hope you can adapt to the life in the camp soon Very Happy
I can help you if you want Very Happy
Wish we can get along;)

~Angela Skye, daughter of Zeus
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Female Virgo Posts : 27
Drachmas : 7221
Join date : 2012-09-20
Age : 19
Location : New York

PostSubject: Re: Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite   Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:41 am

Thanks! Very Happy Actually Paige, the Hephaestus Cabin helped me make some. I have a couple of extra bottles of those knock-out perfumes. Want one? Wink

Ha, I think giving fashion advice is sorta of your field. I'll let you handle all those fashion mishaps. Smile And I didn't mean it when it says "like most Aphrodite kids." I just love being my own unique person, you know?

Hi Angela! Very Happy I'm adapting pretty well here at camp. Nice to meet you. Smile Let's get along ok?

~ Olivia Goldenfield, daughter of Aphrodite

~ Kelly Very Happy
Percy Jackson Fanatic Like a Star @ heaven
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite   

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Profile of Olivia Goldenfield, Daughter of Aphrodite
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