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Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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 Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite

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Sabrina Zhu
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Sabrina Zhu

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Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite Empty
PostSubject: Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite   Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 12:00 pm

This is Paige, or Laura's, profile:

Hi, this is my profile. I'd love to have someone take a picture or draw of portrait of me. Unfortunately, I only had time after a game of Capture the Flag, so of course, I didn't let anyone draw or take a picture of me.


Name: Paige Lawrence

Nickname: Laura, Greek Princess (when I happily modeled a chiton)

Date of Birth: February 14, 1997

Horoscope: Aquarius

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York, NY

Place living: Manhattan, New York, NY

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 110 lb

Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair color and style: Wavy chocolate brown hair

Clothing style: It depends. At camp, I wear a tank top with jeans. If it's a little chilly, I put a leather jacket over it, and if it's warm outside, I wear a short skirt instead of jeans. Whenever I can, I model stuff and wear dresses. I love to wear dresses! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, I always throw in a little pink in all my outfits. Very Happy

Birthmark/Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Description: I am slim and tall, but not aeoneorix or however you spell it. (And yes, I know how to spell it, but Paige doesn't.) Being a child of Aphrodite, I am naturally b-e-a-u-ti-ful!!! I don't how to describe it. Okay. I have no acne, and my hair is always neat before I step out of the Aphrodite Cabin. People aren't supposed to see your flaws when it comes to beauty.

Other: None

Personality and Characteristics

This part was filled out by Laura's fellow campers.

Personality: Paige is nice to her friends and her crushes, but she is cruel to her enemies or people who say she cares about her looks too much. She is also cruel to the people/creatures that ruin/stain (even mildly) her clothes, face, accessories, et cetera. There is an advantage over this trait, though. If a monster does that to her, she has a larger chance of killing the monster. Also, she does care too much about her appearance and is a little stuck-up.

Special Habits: This daughter of Aphrodite has a habit of commenting on other people's fashion, hair, etc. Other campers find that annoying.

Strengths and Talents: Paige is very charming and attractive. One wink or smile, and boys moon over her. Well, except for some faithful boyfriends, and somehow, Ben, the son of Apollo, who is single, doesn't seem to be affected by this. Also, she is very good at matching up different outfits, giving people makeovers, and modeling clothes. Another good thing is that she is nice to her friends.

Weaknesses: She doesn't pay a lot of attention to her training. Paige doesn't work a lot, and every minute of free time is either changing into a new outfit, giving campers makeovers, or socializing. Maybe she really should follow Christy's advice. Of course, she isn't going to be as extreme as Christy, even if she really does follows her advice. Also, her friends are variable. Laura isn't too loyal and likes to drop things once she comes up with something new. Also, she cares about her appearance a little too much and is too full of herself. She doesn't like to take one for the team, and has fears that mainly have to do with fashion.

Fears: Losing her purse. Knowing Laura, it's because she stores a mini kit of makeup and jewelry in it. However, that's also where she stores her weapon. Falling into the lava pit during wall climbing. Laura's managed to not fall into the lava below or have any contact with it, but that's partly because she barely climbs the wall. She's afraid that her clothes will burn up, and after that, according to her, her popularity will be in ruins.

Hobbies: Giving people makeovers. The only girl she hasn't given a makeover more than once is to Christina Hughes. After the first time, Christina never showed up at the Aphrodite Cabin again. Allison Grace, Paige's little half-sister, has done well to protect the daughter of Hecate.

Favorite food: Any dessert that looks pretty, is well arranged, has decoration, and is pink

These are filled out by Paige:

Least Favorite Food: Hummus. It's the only thing I can agree with Christy on. However, for different reasons. For me, it's because of how disgusting it looks. Also, KoolAid. You'll see why.

Favorite Time of the Day: Afternoon. I stay in my cabin and give people makeovers! It's fun!!!

Favorite Place at Camp: My cabin. Under my bed, I have some storage space for my clothes, and from there, I can try on new outfits! Also, I do most of my fun work there!

Favorite Activity at Camp: Free time. I get to socialize! Smile

Least Favorite Activity at Camp: Wall climbing. Luckily, I have other choices. What if my clothes burn? My popularity will go down and be in ruins! No

Other: None

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Peter Lawrence. Things aren't too well between us. Well, at least the Mom Mystery is no longer one.

Godly Parent: Aphrodite! She's a very cool Mom!

Stepparent: None

Siblings: None either.

Best Friends: I have a mortal friend named Sophie Daniels. We both run the popular clique at my school! My best friends at camp are Pia Reyes, daughter of Apollo, Angeline Flowers, daughter of Demeter, and Helen Sparks, daughter of Tyche.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Sadly, I don't have one yet. At first, I was crushing on Tyler, the son of Zeus, but no, he just had to choose Kat, the daughter of Athena. However, Ben, the son of Apollo is also really cute... I love you I love you I love you Cool

Enemies: Believe it or not, I do have enemies. Like Michael Huff, the annoying and horrible son of Hermes who just had to to play a prank on me. Then there's Larry Berry, the son of Dionysus, who actually got me drunk on KoolAid. Sad It was not fun. Can you imagine me like drunken ? I actually vomited on my dress that I specifically ordered from! Then there's Ashley Chawla, the daughter of Ares. First, she has no fashion sense whatsoever. Second, she ruined my outfit!

Other: None


Powers: Um, I'm pretty, I'm good at giving people makeovers, and I have good fashion sense? It counts, right? Oh, and I have charms. You may think that's only the ability of children of Hecate or Trivia. But no. The love goddess also has priority! However, I can only have charm so I can look more dazzling than I already am. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. When it doesn't, the charm goes to the first person who gets affected. Yes, that's strange. Also, I can speak French, like all the other children of Aphrodite can. Sadly, I don't have charmspeak. The powers I got from Mom are from the beauty part.

Weapon of Choice: It's a celestial bronze sword in the form of lipstick. Sweet! All I do is open the cap and apply the lipstick. It'll turn into a sword.

Fatal Flaw: I didn't know I had one! However, according to my Mom, I'm too confident in myself. What? Apparently, I'm basically the opposite of Christina.

Strengths: I have good fashion sense, I'm good at making outfits out of wardrobes, I'm good at makeovers, and I'm good at modeling. I'm good at charming others.

Weaknesses: According to other people, I care to much about my appearance. Well, excuse moi. Sorry. I can slip into French. Do you know how ugly and uncomfortable things can get? Also, I'm way too overconfident of myself. What? That's not true. Like, totally. I don't pay attention to things and don't train well. Well, think about this: Which topic is more interesting to think about: boring English or what you're going to buy at the mall later in the afternoon? I think the answer's very obvious.

Paige's biography is written by me.


Paige Lawrence was born in Manhattan on Valentine's Day in 1997 with Peter Lawrence, a designer brand's clothes designer and the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Relationships between Paige and her father have been rocky before the "Mom Mystery" was solved. The daughter of the love goddess started to attract empousai, who were some of her followers in the Popular Clique at Paige's school, Sparks Middle. A satyr named Cameron helped Paige escape, but what helped Paige win was her anger after an empousai ruined her designer jacket. Paige was claimed as she ran across the border. There, Ashley Chawla tried to bully her and Angeline Flowers, a daughter of Demeter by pushing them in the lake. Paige got really angry and she and Ashley became enemies after she told Ashley off about how she has no fashion sense whatsoever.
Now Paige is a full-year camper, but she still has faith that her mortal friend, Sophie Daniels, is still her best friend. She earned 2 more BFs and started to dominate makeovers of the Aphrodite Cabin. Her nickname, Laura, is from her last name, Lawrence. Anyway, let's see how things go on Halloween...

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Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite Empty
PostSubject: Re: Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite   Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 12:38 pm

What can I say? APPROVED, of course! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Um...Laura, sorry, but Ty is mine Smile
You can always find Ty's sis, Angie - she is really very helpful in um...pairing(though she's not from Aphrodite Cabin)...
maybe she can help you with Ben - WAIT - isn't that SOMEONE ELSE also has a crush on that B-guy...
Alright, no more talking on this...

Anyway, welcome to Camp Half Blood Very Happy

~Katerina, Daughter of Athena
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Profile of Paige Lawrence, daughter of Aphrodite
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