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It is a Percy-Jackson-series-and-Heroes-of-the-Olympians-based site where members can create their own characters, role-play, discuss on the books(or even the movies - try to keep calm and don't type any swear words), and take part in different kinds of site activities!
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Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter

Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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 Pip Bernadette (In The Works.)

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PostSubject: Pip Bernadette (In The Works.)   Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:36 pm

"Her name was Pip Bernadette."
- Penny Farthing, 4th Cohort

Name: Pip Bernadette
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: 7-11-1997
Gender: Female

"Of course we knew who her family was, her father and mother were Senators, no doubt they expected the same from her."
- Penny Farthing, 4th Cohort

Mother: Maria Bernadette, Daughter of Neptune
Father: Claude Bernadette, Legacy of Mars

"Her abilities were Mundane, weak even, but she had perfected them to make them her greatest strengths."
- Penny Farthing, 4th Cohort

Demigod Abilities:
- Latin: Like most Roman demigods Pip's brain is hardwired to understand Latin.
- Clear Sight: Pip like most demigods can see through the Mist.
- Dreams: Pip, like most demigods has dreams or vision with a meaning.
- Minor Hydrokinesis: From her mother's side, Pip is a Legacy of Neptune has the ability to breathe underwater and is able to see perfectly beneath the waves.
- Battle Superiority: Through her father's side Pip is a Legacy of Mars and through that and training in the legion, she is exeptionally with close ranged weapons. The weakness of this is stamina, like all fighters Pip can only fight for a limited time before she becomes exhausted.
- Strategist: Being a Legacy of Mars has given Pip a vast knowledge in War strategies. The weakness being, that the strategies only work in times of war or warlike situations.

"Pip only realy carried the odd one or two Items and she never realy spoke of them."
- Penny Farthing, 4th Cohort

Demigod Items:

- A wooden ship, resembling the USS Constitution, it is in a glass bottle but when it is uncorked, it springs out to full size. It can be returned to the bottle by corking the bottle.
- A Video Shield a Legionairre's shield that allows the user to see anywhere once sunlight light hits it.

"I think perhaps, she intimadated many of the others in her cohort, myself included."
- Penny Farthing

Appearance: Pip stands at a total Height of Four foot, Nine inches. Her skin is caucasian and her eyes are a shade of Emerald green. Her finger nails are often painted a shade of deep purple. On her feet she wears a pair of black, combat boots. Beneath which she wears a pair of black socks that stop just below her knees. She wears a brown belt wrapped around her waist and a pair of black shorts that stop just above her knees. She wears a black shirt with a black leather jacket she keeps fastened. Around each wrist attached to her jacket is a broad purple stripe that relates to her families status.
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Pip Bernadette (In The Works.)
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