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Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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 Hi! I'm Petty ika and this is my introduction

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Petty Ika

Female Gemini Posts : 3
Drachmas : 7108
Join date : 2012-09-16
Age : 23
Location : Indonesia

PostSubject: Hi! I'm Petty ika and this is my introduction   Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:40 am

Hi everyone, I'm Petty ika.. well my english isn't good enough cause my country use Indonesian language Smile and i like join to Camp Jupiter. sorry Christina Hughes i use you list without permittion


Name: Petty Ika Cintya Wayne

Nickname: Pey Very Happy

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 19, 1995

Horoscope: Taurus (if ophiucus exist)

Place of Birth: Semarang

Place living: Semarang, Center of Java

Physical Appearance

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Eye color: Black Onyx

Hair color and style: Short long bob brown hair

Birthmark/Scar/Tattoo: Dragon mark on my instep everytime got bad dream

Other : well, i'm not tall but my friend adore me because i have proportional body, but it's just doesn't mean anything, i'm forever skinny, never be fat even at once. never have long hair because long hair isn't make me comfortable.

Personality and Characteristics

Personality: I'm a workaholic but a socialite person too. I will feel frustrate if i had nothing to do. I'm hyperactive and explorer, i can's stay sit and hear someone talking to me, if they resist i will take a paper and draw something. I love art.

Special habits: staying up all night to sketching, painting and just like our friend christina hughes can't sleep when my task isn't done yet.

Strengths and Talents: i can easily be the leader in new place, i can affect people to do what i want (Charmspeak), I'm good fighter if i use crux (kukri-Nepalese knife), my special move in kick, push and high kick, i'm good at count possibility and a great shooter, just like Sherlock Holmes i have 'eyes' everywhere.

Weaknesses : easy fatigue, i think i'm arrogant, i'm not like another venus daughter i hate to use make up perhaps almost like piper mclean, i'm talk active and hyperactive

Fears: i'm afraid of frog when i was a child so i suggest i hate cyclops because somehow it remind me to frog, and i will throw up when i see them. I need to throw up and after i finish throw up i can fight. but after a year i knew i'm a demigod, i can fight my fear. Crux just a perfect weapon to face my fear. another fear is i'm afraid if i lost one of my partner in mission, because they are my family.

Hobbies: well, as venus daughter i'm not like others, i'm an artist and fighter. i like drawing sketch, painting (water color), singing, tae kwon do and parkour(even after it i'm so tired)

Favorite Food: Lasagna, Mango juice

Least Favorite Food: soyjoy fruit bar No my human friend eat it next to me and i'm almost passed out because its smell

Favorite Time of the Day: Early Morning, between 03:00-05:30.. most romantic moment somehow

Favorite Place at Camp: Dining place, i can see everyone.

Favorite Activity at Camp: socialite with others

Weapon : Crux, Nepalese knife designed like kukri but made by imperial gold. My Boyfriend gave me remington 700 and luckily my friend from Hephaestus cabin, Ronal, made me ammo from imperial gold too.

Family and Relationships:

Mortal Parent: Peter Wayne

Godly Parent: Venus

Stepparent: Julyanne wayne

Best Friends: Louisa Gladys, i met her when i was 15th and she is one of Iris daughter, she joined to camp a year after me. she is my best friend and my sister. Flavia Domitila, she is apollo daughter and an amazing poems machine.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend : in relationship with Jesse Felix son of Hebe, first time met when he miss shoot his arrow through my face, so close.

Enemy: Cornelia daughter of nemesis

Others: My father has a mixed blood of Chinese, american and Indonesian my family have future vision talent. And I get to see the future trap similar to the other family.


as the daughter of venus I do not like to spend all my time to beautify themselves. I prefer to practice with the crux though in the end I was exhausted. I can make people obey my words and make calculations possible that always fits. I often look not listen to the words of others but, I'm actually drawing and it makes me concentrate on two things at once, listen and draw, it makes my brain work faster. when in battle I like dancing ballet at an accelerating pace. sliding, kicking, slashing weak places of enemies, prying eyes and stick with crux is my favorite. sometimes the other camp children thought I was the son of ares because when I'm fighting a soft but deadly

Strengths: I'm great at fight with my knife, it's two and attack left-right together and the technique is mixed with lots of dancing fast tempo. still learning to use remington 700 with imperial gold ammo

Weaknesses: I stupid at using sword.
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Camp Counselor

Female Leo Posts : 830
Drachmas : 10659
Join date : 2012-08-29
Age : 22
Location : Camp Half-Blood :)

PostSubject: Re: Hi! I'm Petty ika and this is my introduction   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:03 pm

Before we go on and discuss about some details of Pey, just let me kindly remind you that the profiles should be post in either Characters Creating - Pending :: Camp Half Blood or Characters Creating - Pending :: Camp Jupiter. For you, this time, Pey's profile should be posted in Characters Creating - Pending :: Camp Jupiter. It would be great if you bear that in mind Very Happy Your profile will be moved to the "approved section" once we, the admins, approve it Very Happy

I appreciate your effort spending on Pey's profile. It's a nice one, actually(Don't care about the grammatical mistakes Smile Who haven't made one, actually?Wink ) But there's still some problems that need to be corrected Smile I hope you won't mind if I'm being too judgy(That's what my friends told me, but I don't mean it Wink )

Firstly, is it possible if you add a picture of Pey in the profile? If not, try to add more details about how Pey wears, how is her appearance, and blah blah blah...It would make Pey much more vivid Smile

Secondly, since we don't accept Mary-sues and Gary-sues (which is, overly perfect characters), it would be much better if you add some weakness and faults to Pey, like "Pey feels frustrated easily" or "she is ill-tempered" or "she's sometimes too talkative that annoys the others" - something like these. Also, you should add more limits to Pey's power. For example, do her charmspeak always works? How many times can she do in one day? It would be better if there's some limits added. Very Happy Also, in the ''power" part, what do you mean by "dancing ballet at an accelerating pace. sliding, kicking, slashing weak places of enemies, prying eyes and stick with crux is my favorite"? Do you actually mean that Pey is agile? Can you have more elaboration on that? Smile

Thirdly, I see there's something missing in the "power" part or maybe somewhere else. If you don't really know what's the format of the profile, you should actually follow Profile of your character in Things you NEED to know!!! . In fact, you can read through the guidelines before editing the profile of Pey or creating another one Smile Trust me, the posts in Things you NEED to know!!! are very helpful Very Happy

Moreover, if I haven't misunderstood, Pey is a Roman, right? So, you should mention all the gods and goddesses name in Roman form. For example, Hephaestus should be Vulcan Smile

Lastly, if you still need some more references apart from Sabrina's Christy, you can take a look the profiles in the Characters Creation :: Approved Characters. You can take reference from Profile of Arianna Walters, Daughter of Neptune - Anna's character, who's a Roman, just like yours. You can also have a look of mine ( Profile of Tyler Skye, Son of Zeus and Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena).

Once you've done editing with all the requirements fitted in, we'll approve it Very Happy
Can't wait to approve yours:D Very Happy Very Happy
Feel free to ask me if there's any problem!
Good luck on your writing Cool
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Camp Counselor

Female Leo Posts : 830
Drachmas : 10659
Join date : 2012-08-29
Age : 22
Location : Camp Half-Blood :)

PostSubject: Re: Hi! I'm Petty ika and this is my introduction   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:05 pm

also, shouldn't your characters' name is Andromeda wayne (according to your personal profile)?
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PostSubject: Re: Hi! I'm Petty ika and this is my introduction   

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Hi! I'm Petty ika and this is my introduction
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