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 Cecilia, daughter of Hades/legacy of Trivia (WIP)

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PostSubject: Cecilia, daughter of Hades/legacy of Trivia (WIP)   Sat Feb 09, 2013 9:15 am

Daughter of Hades and legacy of Trivia


Name: Cecilia Watson
Nickname: Cece
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 12, 1996.
Horoscope: Scorpio
Place of birth: Manhattan, New York.
Place living: Camp HalfBlood

Physical appearance

Height: 5'4
Weight: 115
Eye color: Golden.
Hair color and style: White and long hair. Its rare to see her with a pony tail.
Clothing style: Cece is a very fashionable girl, but not like an Aphrodite kid. Campers have to wear the CHB t-shirt... She mostly wears it with jeans. She can't show that fashinable side of her... There is a uniform which all campers must wear.
Physical Description: White haired and tall with golden eyes. In her other form her eyes and body change. Her eyes become green and her body 'sexier'.
Others(if any): None.

Personality and characteristics:

Personality: Cece is a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers with kindness. She like to play a motherly role within the camp. If you see her, you'll probably think she is powerless. People mostly think she is a child of Demeter or Athena, which they are calmed. But when she is in her other form, her personality becomes dark.. Also, she is not that kind of gothic Hades kid.
Special habits: Playing with her friends.
Merits and talents: She have a very high IQ and she is a good cooker & dancer.
Demerits: Stubborn.
Fears: That one of her friends die and Hecate's children. You might think: Why Hecate kids only? Well, she doesn't want to be send to the deepest part of Hell, Tartarus. And its weird, cause she is even a legacy of Roman Hecate, Trivia.
Hobbies: Playing or going to the beach.
Favorite food: Sushi
Least favorite food: Salmon.
Favorite time of the day: Sunset.
Favorite place at camp: The beach.
Favorite activity at camp: Greek myths learning(classes)
Least favorite activity at camp: Cleaning her cabin. She finds this rare gothic things which scare her, she doesn't have that gothic persona.
Others(if any):

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Lara Watson, child of Trivia.
God parent: Hades.
Stepparent: None.
Siblings: Gabriel Watson, but SHH... she doesn't know *yet*.
Best friend: None at the moment, she likes to have the same friendship with everyone... less gossip.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: She have a crush with a child of Apollo.
Enemy: Everyone in battle.
Others(if any): None.



Mystiokinesis(magic): Magic is a force that gives control of natural energies in order to produce a needed positive change, but also could be used for evil purposes. Some abilities:

Healing (not like Biokinesis)
Reducing negativity
Summoning objects, monsters, and offensive energy
Alteration of almost anything
Telekinesis (possibly)

Cece is known to transform into a bat-like creature.

Create discord and initiate conflict. If she want to, she can create a huge discord, but she learned to control it across the years... (That counts as a power?)

Dark Pyrokinesis: Cecilia have control over hellfire, which is considerably more destructive than normal flames, as it turns whatever it touches to liquid.

Necromancy: As a child of an underworld god, she has authority and control over the deceased. Like summon spirits of the dead, skeletons warriors, etc. Using this technique will fatigue her.

Abilities in Transformation:

Body changing: Cecilia have the ability to transform her body into a bat-like one. This body take over can be stop with the correct spell. Also, her eyes turn green and an iron tail appear...

-Flight: In this form, Cecilia is capable of sprouting a pair of wings from her back at whim, which allow her to fly. Such wings are reminiscent of a bat’s, and come with small spike-like protrusions on their upper edges that can even break iron. This wings also increases her speed in flight.

When she finish using this power's she faints or cannot use her magical powers for hours or even days. And the side effect is that she will stay mad and bitchy for a while.

Weapons: Here wings... they can even cut iron.
Fatal flaw: She sometimes thinks she can't be defeated.
Strengths: In the her other form; fear.
Weaknesses: With the correct spell her power can be sealed. There are many spells to defeat this supernatural beast. A powerful child of Hecate can even send the body to Tartarus for days. That is why Cece threat Hecate's children like gods(She don't want to be send to Tartarus). But, only a few of Hecate's child know the spell. And if you cast the spell incorrectly, you can be turn to ashes. Also, a magic stone, which she calls "Bat Slayer Stone" can control Cece. For example: A camper who possesses the stone have absolute power over Cece. Thats why she hided it.


Like every camper knows, Cece is no ordinary girl. She have the powers to get bat wings, which can even break iron. Some people say its because she is a child of Hades and a legacy of Trivia. Which they are both powerful gods. Cecilia didn't know how to control this powers, thats why her mother had to change her from school almost every year, she either destroyed the school or was bullied.

Demigod witches have hunted this types of demigods for centuries. The truth is that with the correct spell, the beast can be sealed or can even be send to Tartarus, which includes the demigod's body. Demigods like Cecilia hold huge grudges with the children of Hecate or Trivia. Anyways, I'm not going to say all the weaknesses that Cecilia have(Btw. No one in Camp HalfBlood no the weaknesses… a child of Hecate might, but Cecilia hide the spell).

Her mom and her share a strong relationship towards each other. Her mom always helped her to control her powers and when Cece needed a friend, her mom was there for her, since she had no friends because of her behaviour. When she was little, she didm't exactly turned into the bat form, her behaviour was the one who changed. At age 9 for the first time she discover her other form. Her mother had the same power, but she ordered a Hecate child to seal her powers, because she couldn't control her. She didn't want the same thing to happen to Cece, so she send her to Camp HalfBlood.

At age 10 she was send to Camp HalfBlood. She is training to control her powers. This power have side effects, every time she goes back to normal, she stay mad and angry. It take at least 1 hour for her personality to come back... And yes, when she is at her other form, her personality changes. She gets very angry. Not like her normal personality, which is calmed and fun to be with. Now she is at the Hades cabin and have friends which accept her just the way she is... even if they are a little scared about her other personalty.

-Lee Underwood, son of Trivia. Praetor and centurion of the second cohort.

Natalie, daughter of Discordia.
-Alexandra, legacy of Venus.
-Kevin, son of Nemesis.
-Angie, daughter of Angita.
Gwen owen, daughter of Juventas.

Lana Cruise, huntress of Diana, child of Luna.

Last edited by LeeUnderwood on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:45 pm; edited 7 times in total
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Male Taurus Posts : 430
Drachmas : 7381
Join date : 2012-09-27
Age : 22
Location : Puerto Rico

PostSubject: Re: Cecilia, daughter of Hades/legacy of Trivia (WIP)   Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:45 pm

Done Smile

-Lee Underwood, son of Trivia. Praetor and centurion of the second cohort.

Natalie, daughter of Discordia.
-Alexandra, legacy of Venus.
-Kevin, son of Nemesis.
-Angie, daughter of Angita.
Gwen owen, daughter of Juventas.

Lana Cruise, huntress of Diana, child of Luna.
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Camp Counselor

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Age : 21
Location : Camp Half-Blood :)

PostSubject: Re: Cecilia, daughter of Hades/legacy of Trivia (WIP)   Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:57 pm

Ok. for the first thing, don't double-post. if you've done with your charrie-creating, just change the topic - without 'WIP'.

As you also know, we're evaluating and making some amendments on the general rules, roleplay and character-creating, which will all be posted in the coming week.
So, for now, all the pending charrie will remain pending until the details are posted -which will be in the coming few days.

Though as I've mentioned before,
there's something you've missed in the profile. For instance, there's not enough merits, demerits, strengths as well as weaknesses mentioned and more elaboration is needed.

Again, as you've read in the pm box long long time ago,
Quote :
about the wings part, i think that can be approved

but then she's not supposed to have her enhanced powers after transforming.

besides, she's a child of hades and legacy of hecate - proportionally speaking, so it's supposed that her powers are based on hades and she'll only inherit a slight portion of powers from the hecate side.

but just rmb that rp is not abt god-modding but interactions between charries /charries and environment.
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PostSubject: Re: Cecilia, daughter of Hades/legacy of Trivia (WIP)   

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Cecilia, daughter of Hades/legacy of Trivia (WIP)
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