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 Artemis Fletcher Daughter of Hephaestus (In R&D)

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PostSubject: Artemis Fletcher Daughter of Hephaestus (In R&D)   Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:05 pm


"I could care less if I am a "freak". I don't care what other people think about me. I am me. I am different from the masses of society in unique and profound ways, anyway. Being physically different would trouble me not."


Artemis grew up in a quiet, Suburban neighbourhood situatated in Jackson Mississippi. She was born, in Crossgates River Oaks Hospital, at Half past ten in the evening. She was born in a water birth, her grandparents were present at the hospital. Anna was told to give Artemis a nice normal name, but Anna was a spirited young woman and she wanted a name that was unusual and thus the name of Artemis was given to her. After spending a further three days in Hospital, Anna and her newborn daughter were alllowed to home.

When Artemis was Four, turning five, there was a fire in her house, it was a week before her birthday. Being a daughter of Hephaestus, Artemis was unaffected by the flames, but Anna suffered burns to her right arm. The house was almost completly destroyed by the fire which was supposedly started by an electrical fault. Artemis was attending the 'Little Tykes Playschool' at this time, the fire occured at the weekend.
While her home was being rebuilt after the fire Anna took Artemis to live with her grandparents in New York City.She and her mother ended up staying for two years and when Artemis was Seven, her grandmother Susan began to teach her about mythology and revealed her own heritage to a slightly disbelieving Artemis.

Eventually Artemis went back home to Jackson with her mother, where she attended middle school. Eventualy at the age of Twelve, Artemis fell in love with another girl, by the name of Hama. They went on several dates, but her mother saw in Hama what her daughter didn't. Something which came to a head one day when Hama revealed her true form as an Empusa.

Soon after the incident with Hama, Anna took her daughter to New York to live with her grandmother, she attended school and in the summer she was taken to Camp Half blood by a satyr friend of her Mother's by the name of Petuna. During this time Artemis was becoming more and more reckless, even after she was claimed by her father.

She was also slowly becoming more socially distant, since the incident with Hama. She would frequently slip away from Camp to explore the surrounding landscape. It was during a visit to a park, on the Twelth of December that she found herself in her first real battle. A creature with fur like silver attacked her, a wolf, the battle was fierce and eventually Artemis was able to fend the creature off, but not before it had sunk it's teeth into her upper arm. Artemis spent the following week in a coma and when she woke, she was in the Camp's infirmary with no Memory of how she got there.

Name: Artemis Fletcher

Age: Sixteen

Birthday: 7th, May, 1997

Gender: Female

Family Heritage:

- Mother - Anna Fletcher

- Grandmother - Susan Hartman, Daughter of Trivia

- Father - Hephaestus

- Stepfather - Gui Fletcher

Appearance: Artemis stands at a total height of Four foot, Eight Inches. She weighs just under Ten stone. Her eyes are a light pink colour. Her lips are a light pink colour and her finger nails are painted a delicate shade of Purple. (See Above.)

Wolf Form: Artemis's wolf form stands at Four foot in total height and it's eyes are a brilliant pink colour matching the colour of her eyes when in her human form. (See Above.)

Werewolf Abilities:

- Wolf Form: Artemis, being a Werewolf is able to shift between human and wolf form at will. In this form she is at a greater risk of losing self-control and is much more vulnerable to weapons made of silver.

- Predator Instinct: Artemis possess instincts akin to that of a predatory creature.


- Enhanced Speed: Artemis can move at incredible speeds, matching those of a cheetah at will, in either human or Wolf form. Artemis can however be vulnerable due to her high speed movements, gaining extreme momentum. Even rain drops could severely injure her.

- Enhanced Stamina: Artemis can function for a long period of time without tiring or straining herself. But she can only exert herself for so long before the excessive buildup of fatigue wears her down.

Demigod Abilities:



- Ancient Greek: Like most demigods Artemis's brain is hardwired to understand the ancient greek language.

- Clear Sigh: Artemis like most demigods can see through the Mist, though her senses are more attuned due to her werewolf nature.

- Dreams: Artemis, like most demigods have dreams or vision with a meaning.

- Dyslexia: A
mental learning disability that usually manifests primarily as a difficulty understanding written language, particularly with reading decoding, reading comprehension, spelling, and reading fluency.

Personality: Meek, Artemis is a generally shy girl since the date of her incident. She has slowly subconsiously isolated herself from the rest of the camp. During the Full moon, Artemis disappears for the day, she lets no one know where she goes. She rarely speaks to people other than her few friends.

Relationship: Artemis has something of a relationship with Allyson Van Allen. She isn't a part of the trio she has a different relationship with the girl. Artemis looks up to Allyson, but she often finds herself at the girls feet figuratilvy and literaly, in both Wolf and Human form. She often does as the daughter of Aphrodite tells her, sometimes she stays out of her way altogethor. Artemis has likened their relationship to one between a pet and it's owner, but she is learning quite a lot from the older girl, especially how compose herself like a 'lady' something which she is mildly annoyed about.

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PostSubject: Re: Artemis Fletcher Daughter of Hephaestus (In R&D)   Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:00 pm

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Artemis Fletcher Daughter of Hephaestus (In R&D)
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