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Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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 Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete)

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Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete)   Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2013 8:13 pm

Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete) Rita10

Name: Rita Conners
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 1-6-1998
Horoscope: Gemini
Place of birth: The Land of the Amazons.
Place living: Camp (Rita Stays Year round.)

Physical appearance

Height: Four Foot, Four Inches
Weight: Eight and a half Stone.
Eye color: Baby Blue
Hair color and style: Strawberry Blonde, short and cropped, styled much like a boy. (See Above Image.)
Clothing style: (See Above Image.) Her shorts stop above her knees. Her socks come up over her ankles.
Physical Description: Rita is an average girl, she has light freckles beneath her eyes.

Personality and characteristics:

Personality: Rita is a tomboy at heart. Rita is brutally honest, she says what she thinks regardless of the consequences. Patience, Rita has terrible patience, she doesn't like to be kept waiting for more than five minutes before she starts complaining. She is fiercly Independant and doesn't like to ask for help even when she needs it.
Special Abilities: Rita can paint with her feet. She is a skilled climber, easily able to scale small buildings/statues in minutes.

Strengths and Talents: Rita is a Mystical Scholar, possessing a great knowledge in Magic and Mythology.
Weakness: Anything Cute and/or cuddly
Fears: Spectrophobia a Mordbid fear of Mirrors and her own Reflection.
Hobbies: Practicing.
Favorite food: Anything sweet, Sugary or Milk Chocolate.
Least favorite food: Anything Green
Favorite time of the day: Mornings
Favorite activity at camp: Chariot Racing
Least favorite activity at camp: Chores
Family and Relationships

Mortal Parents: Adam and Jennifer Conners.
God parent: Rita is a Legacy of Hecate on her mother's Side and a Legacy of Minerva from her father's side.

Best friend: Nicolette LaBlanc who Rita secretly has a teensy weensy crush on. Alice Greenwood whom she tries like a living Plushie. Allyson Van Allen, a daughter of Aphrodite, who she respects and one who she has openly admitted having a crush on in the past.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Rita has neither and she's not picky which gender.


Powers: Mystiokinesis and the powers that it grants her. (See Bellow.)
Strengths: Rita is a skilled hand to hand fighter and she rarely focuses on fighting with weapons when in battle.

Rita will faint at the sight of her own blood. She hates the idea of using weapons in battle. She also dislikes the idea od working in teams and will go out of her way to do things on her own.


+ Rita has the power of Amokinesis as she is a sorceress, this gives her the ability to control Love or Desire, similar to a child of Aphrodite. She can make someone fall in love and then tear it away if she so choose.

- Some may be unable to stop loving and some may never be able to love the same person again. Rita can cause serious damage to a persons or even her own relationships. The affects of Amokinesis are temporary, though it can last for months at a time if she wills it before eventually wearing off. Rita barely ever uses this ability, though she has access to it if she does use it, she uses it when she wants a brief fling or she wants to 'help' someone out on valentines day.

+ Rita's most fearsome ability is Hemokinesis, the ability to control blood with her mind.

- Just using causes her to have terrible headaches and can potentially render her unconsious. Which is one of the reasons she so rarely uses it.

+ Rita has the power of Hypnokinesis, she can cause insomnia by keeping a person awake or if she were to sing a song, she can put a person into almost instantaneous sleep.

- Rita can put herself asleep when she uses it, or worse, she can accidently block herself from sleeping.

Rita is experimenting and thus a novice with several different fields of magic, which includes: Summoning objects and Monsters, Charmspeak and Alteration of almost anything.

Fatal Flaw: Hubris, deadly pride

Rita grew up in the land of the Amazons. She lived with her mother, while her father lived the rest of the men. On the weekends Rita was allowed to visit him and despite him being subserviant to her, she did listen to what he told her. For which she was scoled. Then one week when she was eight, her father disappeared altogethor and her mother told her it was because they'd seperated and since they'd seperated he was no longer welcome in the land of the amazons.

When she was Nine years old tragedy struck her once again, when her mother passed away from a mysterious illness. She was raised by her mother's sister. This was when she began to read, day in and day out, soaking in the knowledge they gave her. A year later she would begin practicing with the knowledge they gave her. When she was fourteen, Rita had mastered the talents through years of careful practice and resarch.

But eventually she grew restless and left the land behind her, but not permanantly. She set off to see the world and headed to the east where eventually she came across Camp Half Blood. Where she settled down into the Hecate cabin, settling down with the demigods.

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PostSubject: Re: Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete)   Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 1:35 am

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Rita, Legacy of Hecate/Minerva (Complete)
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