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Camp Half Blood X Camp Jupiter is where demigods learn how to survive. You can create your own original character here! Welcome to join us and share your creative thoughts here! : )
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 Sarah Morgan daughter of nemesis

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PostSubject: Sarah Morgan daughter of nemesis   Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:31 am


Name: Sarah Morgan
Nickname: Sarah
Date of Birth: june 19 1997
Gender: female
Horoscope: Gemini
Place living: Permanent resident at camp half-blood
Place before going to camp: Toronto, Canada
Age when arriving at the Camp: 8

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: 132 lb
Eye Color: black
Hair color and style: jet black
Clothing style: biker
Birthmark/Scars/Tattoos: None

Personality and Characteristics
Personality: serious but sociable. Stubborn. Honest
Special Habits: none.
Strengths and Talents: her aim at knive throwing its almost flawless
Weaknesses: Stubborn and thinks that her mother will help her at anytime
Hobbies: Singing, knive throwing
Fears: swans.
Favorite food: fortune cookies
Least Favorite Food: lettuce
Favorite Time of the Day: 12:00 pm the perfect balance between morning and afternoon
Favorite Place at Camp: half-blood hill
Favorite Activity at Camp: knive fighting.
Least Favorite Activity at Camp: pegasus riding.

Family and Relationships

Mortal Parent: Erik Morgan
Godly Parent: Nemesis
Stepparent: None
Siblings: None.
Best Friends: Andreas mors (at least she says so)
Boyfriend: None.
Enemies: None.


Powers: her ultimate power is balance, she can make herself to start losing a battle so that in the end she is most likely to win, even though of that it doesn´t allways work
Weapon: she usually carries some celestial bronze kknives with her but her top weapons are two huge stygian iron knives that come back to her when throen
Fatal Flaw: Overconfident, she thinks that she can win everything.
Strengths: Agile. Good at archery and knive-fighting/ throwing.
Weaknesses: overconfident.


Sarah was born in Canada in 1997 to Erik morgan and an unknown mother, her father was a very succesful lawyer, always believing in justice and doing what was correct.
When Sarah was 6 she started seeing some monsters, and her mother talked to her personally about how she wasn´t secure and how she had to leave to find a Camp. she ignored it and continued on living where she was
on the day of her 8 birthday when she was coming home after school she found a huge dog following her. So, she ran home, when she got there she found her dad waiting for her near the car, her father screamed to her and made her jump in the car, after that her father explained the story to her, and told her that the great hound laelaps was following them, they drove a long time and then they reached manhattan, but their good luck was too much this time, Laelaps had been following them and when they were almost in Camp half-blood laelaps leaped and killed her father, then the dog rose to kill her but suddenly an arrow appeared on the hound´s chest and it desolved to dust just leaving two enormous knives behind and a fortune cookie, the cookie said ´´great victories come with great sacrifices´´. she walked the rest of the way too camp half-blood and was claimed in the campfire.

Andreas Mors Son of Hades
Sarah Morgan Daughter of Nemesis
Iakobos Astrapi Son of zeus

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PostSubject: Re: Sarah Morgan daughter of nemesis   Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:42 am

approved Very Happy
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Sarah Morgan daughter of nemesis
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