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 Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena

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PostSubject: Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena   Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:02 pm

Profile of Katrina Clear, Daughter of Athena


Name: Katrina Clear 
Nickname: Kat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:
6 August, 1997
Place of birth: Buffalo, New York
Place living before going to the camp:East Hampton, New York(at her boarding school)
Age when arriving the camp: 13

Physical appearance

5 feet 6 inches tall
Weight: Weighs about 90 pounds
Eye color:
Sparkling grey like her mum
Hair color and style:
Wavy auburn hair to mid-length
Clothing style:
She doesn’t really care about her clothing style. She puts on everything as long as it makes her comfortable.
Birthmark/scars/tattoos (if any):
Description: Katerina has an average body build. Angela, her best friend, once told her that she looks like wearing glasses even though she wasn’t.

Personality and characteristics:

and characteristics: Katrina is smart and overachieving. She's a determined and independent leader. She's also a very ambitious perfectionist. She's very protective of her friends that she comes off bossy sometimes.  Patience is never her strong suit. She has issues in trusting the others. She's also afraid of failing or being not perfect. She's quite stubborn.
Strengths and talents: She has IQ above 200. She does well in both academically and athletically (except archery, and maybe swimming as well as canoeing too). She is one of the few half bloods who don’t have dyslexia. She is very good at planning, and is also an excellent sword-fighter.
She is usually overly-confident in herself that she can do anything and is better than any other. She's very protective of her friends that she comes off bossy sometimes.  Patience is never her strong suit. She has issues in trusting the others. She's also afraid of failing or being not perfect. She's quite stubborn.
Fears: B
eing betrayed, losing, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and thunder.
Reading, listening to songs, jogging, playing badminton and tennis.
Favorite food:
Least favorite food:
Favorite time of the day:
In the morning/when sun rises – she thinks that it’s the best time for reading and planning.
Favorite place at camp:
Athena’s Cabin
Favorite activity at camp:
Least favorite activity at camp:

Family and Relationships
Mortal Parent:
Nicholas Clear
God parent: Athena
Best friend (mortal/at camp)
: Angela Skye (at camp)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No at the moment

Enemy: Patrick Umbridge, son of Ares
Others(if any):

  • Before she met her first monster, she was popular in her boarding school among both teachers and students. However, that incident made the others see her as a liar, causing her unwilling to trust the others except her dad. The situation has become much better since she met Angela and Tyler. 
  • She briefly dated Tyler but they broke up a year after. They now remain best friends.

Katrina can foresee the future which frequently changes depends on her or others’ decisions made. So, it’s not always accurate. She can’t use this power frequently since it exhausts her. However, sometimes, it's involuntary that it just happens and she'll pass out. The longer the future she tries to foresee, the more the tiredness.
Weapons: She has an owl bracelet which will turn into celestial bronze sword when Katrina takes it off her wrist by touching its beak. It always returns to her wrist as a bracelet when she loses it.
Fatal flaw:
She doesn't trust the others easily, and she often overestimates herself.
She is good at planning and leading others with wisdom. She is also an excellent sword fighter.
She sucks at archery. She is usually overly-confident in herself which often gets her into troubles. Her nature of refusing to trust the others easily makes her has the urge or intention to do everything on her own, resulting in her burning out easily. Also, she's very stubborn.


Katrina Clear was born in Buffalo. She grew up there her dad,Nicholas Clear, who loved her very much but couldn't always spend time with her due to his job. Her dad always told her, since she was five that her mum was a scientist, like him, who went on an adventure to Greece for the sake of some scientific research. But Katrina thought, who would do research in Greece? She knew her dad was lying. She kept asking him about her mum, but her dad always said, "You know it, Katrina. You should have known." She saw the sadness in her dad's eyes. She then stopped asking since then.

Katrina 's dad was always busy in working on scientific research in his own lab at an university. He has nurtured her into a great competitor both academically and athletically, as she requested. He sent Katrina to a boarding school in East Hampton when she was 8, since he really couldn't take care of her well due to his work. He felt sorry but Katrina had never complained as she knew her dad was doing the best for her. She succeeded at the boarding school she was studying at. She was already studying in Grade 10 when she was just 13.

At the age of 13,
Katrina encountered her first monster, Kampe, who was her Science teacher at school named Mrs. Camp, in the Science lab. Katrina eventually killed her by causing an explosion with the chemicals there, but was treated as a liar and troublemaker who set a fire in the lab by the staff and students at school, since no one remembered the existence of Mrs. Camp. And since then, she also started having visions (which she at first thought was just a dream) which always happen within that day. She was surprised but she didn't tell anyone since she didn't want anyone call her a liar anymore. She didn't trust anyone.

During the summer break of the same year which was two months after the Kampe incident,
Katrina encountered her second monster, a Dracacnae, when she was having dinner at home with her dad. Katrina and her dad ran as fast as possible away from that beast, but her dad was knocked out. She had never felt such frustrated - like a complete loser. She was almost killed when three teenagers (Toby the satyr, Angela and Tyler) wearing orange t-shirts appear. They fought against the Dracacnae, but they were losing. Katrina thought to herself, she couldn't just stand here and do nothing. In order to survive, Katrina went to his dad's private lab down in the basement, and started making something flammable from what she read on a book that her dad gave to her on her 7th birthday, with the chemicals there. They finally killed the Dracacnae when when Angela shoot it with an arrow after Katrina had threw the flask of flammable chemicals at it, causing it to catch fire.

Katrina learnt form the trio and her dad about the Camp Half-Blood and the fact that her mum is a Greek goddess. She
believed that Camp Half-blood was where she should go. She had to go there in order to keep her and her dad safe. So, she followed the trio to the Camp Half-Blood.

Katrina was claimed by Athena at the night she arrived the Camp. She became best friends with Angela and Tyler a year later since her arrival at Camp-Half-blood. She's now a year-rounder, but will sometimes go to visit her dad in holidays like Christmas.

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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena   Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:20 pm

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PostSubject: Reply to her life time profile ( daughter of athena, godess of wisdom)   Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:39 pm

that's a really cool. life. I'd die to have a loyal boyfriend
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena   Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:27 pm


-Lee Underwood, son of Trivia. Praetor and centurion of the second cohort.

Natalie, daughter of Discordia.
-Alexandra, legacy of Venus.
-Kevin, son of Nemesis.
-Angie, daughter of Angita.
Gwen owen, daughter of Juventas.

Lana Cruise, huntress of Diana, child of Luna.
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PostSubject: Re: Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena   

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Profile of Katerina Clear, Daughter of Athena
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